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Exquisite Service combined with luxury aesthetic products and a top-shelf staff will delight your every sense.

The Winchester Spa and Salon's customized facials combine our high-end signature Winchester Skincare line and Eminence Organics to target your skin's concerns such as acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and more. The Winchester also offers Chemical Peels, Hydrafacials, Microdermabrasion, Teeth Whitening & Gems, Lip treatments, Eye Treatments, and more to achieve your beauty dreams! The passion of our estheticians is fueled by our guest's overall confidence, education, and satisfaction with our aesthetic services. 

Let's Glow ... 

Following a thorough consultation, our award-winning custom facials will beautify your skin with top-shelf luxury products and experienced staff techniques. This customized regimen experience cleanses, exfoliates, and targets common skin concerns allowing for a radiant, revitalized complexion. Combine with enhancements for optimal results. View our facial of the season under "Special Offers"!

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Want to feel Fabu-LASH? 

The Winchester offers a variety of lash services such as Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting, and Perming. We can also tint brows!

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Before Your  Spray Tan Visit

Things To Do:

Exfoliate before your session, focusing on the driest areas — elbows, knees, hands, feet, and the backs of your ankles. 

The Winchester Spa and Salon offers a wide array of exfoliating products. 

Wear loose-fitting clothing that you can remove easily and will not rub. 

Things To Avoid:

Avoid waxing or other spa treatments on the day of your spray tan.

Avoid wearing moisturizers, perfumes, deodorant, or makeup that can create a barrier for absorption. 

 Avoid wearing tight clothing and shoes such as boots, socks, or tights, which may rub off some of the spray tan and cause uneven results.

Your Spray Tan Visit

The Naked Truth:

Once you’re set up in one of our private and secure tanning rooms, disrobe to your comfort level. If you choose not to spray tan nude, wear a swimsuit or undergarment that you don’t mind possibly staining. We also have disposable undergarments for use. Be sure to remove all jewelry and wear a protective hair cap. 

Prep & Protect:

Barrier cream is an important element for prepping your spray tan. Apply a light layer of the cream in areas where skin tends to be rougher — hands, fingers, feet, toes, and the tops/sides of your feet. These areas tend to soak up more spray solution. For your protection and convenience, The Winchester provides hair caps, protective eyewear, nose filters, lip balm, and cotton balls.

Wait for It:

Avoid the following for the defined time period:

Bathing or swimming: At least 4 hours.

Activities that make you sweat heavily: At least 4 hours.

Chlorine: Swimming in chlorinated pools will quickly break down your spray tan. We suggest avoiding entirely, if possible.

Keep Your Glow Longer:

Moisturize daily with a post-sunless product. We have a few to choose from, so don't worry! & Beware: Drugstore lotions may contain oils and other ingredients that can shorten the life of your spray tan.

Avoid body washes that contain harsh soaps, exfoliants, or oils. These ingredients can also shorten the life of your tan. We recommend using soaps that are specially formulated to extend the life of your tan. You can shop after your tan! We have a variety of professionally recommended products in store.

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Hair Removal Services

Take your skin results further with our luxury hair removal services. The Winchester Spa and Salon offers sugaring and waxing for the body and face.

To view our entire menu of services, click below. 

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Post-Hair Removal Care

  • Keep clothing loose & fabrics natural
  • Avoid Physical Activity for 24-48 hours
  • Use antiseptic creams or hydrocortisone creams. We recommend Finipil and our signature oils created by our licensed estheticians. 
  • Two to three days after waxing is the perfect time to exfoliate. Your pores will have closed and the skin will have recovered. We recommend the glow scrub 2-3 times a week. 
  • Moisturize from the day or the second day after your waxing appointment so as to avoid clogging your pores or exposing your skin to chemicals and fragrances.   


The vagacial is the latest in genital grooming trends. It's similar to a facial, with deep cleansing, exfoliating, smoothing, and a variety of masks and serums, but instead of the face, all that fancifyin' action is focused on the vulva. This vagacial helps eliminate ingrown hairs and includes double steam cleanse, exfoliation treatment, masque, and a hydrating moisturizer.  Optimum results when paired with a Brazilian or Bikini Intimate Wax.

  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Promotes brightening 
  • Smoothes and resurfaces skin
  • Exfoliates skin and removes impurities
  • Targets skin concerns with masques

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This form of hydrotherapy utilizes herbal infusions in a warm relaxing bath that you sit over in order to cleanse and detox your entire reproductive system via the steam vapors. 

  • Regulate irregular menstrual cycles, and reduce painful periods and bloating.
  • May promote fertility
  • Postpartum recovery and reduces pain with intercourse
  • Heal from emotional or sexual trauma
  • Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts PCOS, uterine weakness and prolapse, & endometriosis.
  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids
  • Relieve chronic yeast infections and UTI's
  • Ease menopausal symptoms including dryness or pain during intercourse
  • Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body
  • Tap into our creative potential, art, projects, service and soul work
  • Increase libido & reignite sensual passion

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